issue 18 cover art:

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

On Earth As It Is In Heaven by Horacio Quiroz

Based in México City. After working for several years in the advertising industry, I began my self-taught painting studies in 2013.

I graduated in Graphic Design from Universidad Iberoamericana, following this I worked for nearly twelve years as a Creative Art Director for various renowned international advertising agencies, such as Publicis México and Zeta Advertising. During this time I took care of accounts such as Coca-Cola, VW, BMW, Maytag, Nido, Garnier, The Home Depot, Gerber and many others. As a publicist I learned to work under pressure on several projects at once. I gained a thorough understanding of how the industry works through dealing with customers, planners, brand managers, designers, producers, models etc.

Despite working full time as a publicist, my artistic education never stopped as I was always learning from the work of other art directors and great photographers, who I was fortunate to work with both here in Mexico and abroad.

In 2013, driven by my passion for the visual arts, I decided to leave advertising and devote myself entirely to artistic activity with a goal of reconnecting with the spontaneity I had in my childhood. Thus, over the last six years I have launched myself on a new career path, experimenting with various self-taught techniques of pictorial representation, formats and themes, which have guided how I define my vision and identity as an artist. This change in my life has given rise to deep personal introspection, closely linked to what now shapes my body of work.