• Tara Campbell
  • William Jablonsky
  • Chip Houser
  • Hamdy Elgammal
  • Rich Larson
  • Josh Rountree

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Bourbon Penn 22

Issue 22

Stories by Corey Farrenkopf, Casey Forest, Elana Gomel, Paige Powell, Gretchen Tessmer, Michelle Ann King, and Emily C. Skaftun. Cover art by Liam Barr.

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Bourbon Penn 21

Issue 21

Stories by Crystal Lynn Hilbert, Maria Dones, Josh Pearce, Erin K. Wagner, Barton Aikman, and Jason Baltazar. Cover art by Fintan Magee.

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Bourbon Penn 20

Issue 20

Stories by Vincent H. O’Neil, E.C. Barrett, Elisa Abatsis, Mark Pantoja, Chelsea Hanna Cohen, and Chip Houser. Cover art by John Brosio.

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Bourbon Penn 19

Issue 19

Stories by Andrew L. Roberts, Jason Baltazar, T. B. Jeremiah, Dona McCormack, Setsu Uzumé, Brendan James Murray, and B. Pladek. Cover art by Bryan Valenzuela.

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